Ultrasonic Cleaning Service

20190328_081709_sm.jpgThe Ultrasonic Cleaner is a great tool that uses ultrasound “a high frequency vibration” and passes this through a tank of cleaning solution that literally shakes the dirt out of whatever is placed within it.

This works well for the small Fuel and Air passages, and drillings found within motorcycle carburettor systems, the process does not visually enhance the appearance of the main surfaces.

I have a keen interest in multi cylinder motorcycles such as the Honda CBX 1000, the CBR400 and Kawasaki Two Stroke Triples. The carburettors on these types of motorcycle can often become bunged up with all sorts of silt and detritus causing poor running symptoms.

After years of varying success with air lines, pressure washers, carburettor and cleaning aerosols, I can confidently confirm that using the Ultrasonic Cleaning tank is a major leap forward and the best way to get things running right again.

My tank can accommodate many four cylinder motorcycle carburettor sets as one assembly, therefore if you are searching for smooth running without the laborious task of a full carburettor disassembly then this service is for you.


If your carburettors will fit within my ultrasonic tank which is 450mm wide, then a full cleaning cycle is only £30.00 for one carb, and £10.00 per additional unit thereafter. The carburettors need to be externally clean before going in the tank. You will also need to remove the float chambers, vacuum dash pots/throttle slides, and all jets to benefit from the cleaning cycle.